Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

The Law Offices of Paul P. Page represents its clients in diverse real estate matters. We take a personal approach to each of our client’s real estate transactions, and work closely with each client from beginning to end, in order to insure that each client’s financial and legal interests are properly protected. For most people, the sale or purchase of a home, whether a house, condominium or co-operative apartment is the largest financial transaction of a lifetime. Paul P. Page is an experienced real estate attorney, handling the sale of condominiums, co-operative apartments and single and multi-family houses. As an Indiana real estate lawyer, Paul P. Page is well versed in all aspects of real estate transactions, and is confident that you will appreciate his attention to detail and thoroughness, as well as his ability to assist you during all steps of this important transaction.

You can feel confident selecting the Law Offices of Paul P. Page as your Indiana real estate lawyer for any of the following real estate matters:

  • Real Estate Transactions
    • Purchase and/or Sale of Residential Real Estate (Including Houses, Vacant Land, Condominiums and Co-ops)
    • Purchase and/or Sale of Commercial Real Estate
    • Leases and License Agreements for Residential and Commercial Real Estate
    • Mortgage Loan and Co-op Loan Refinancing
    • Real Estate Litigation
    • Transactions involving single and multi-family houses, condominiums, and co-ops
    • Sale of commercial real estate
    • Commercial leases, store leases, offices leases, and sub-leases of commercial real estate

We have substantial experience representing clients in the following areas of Indiana law:

  • Real Estate Litigation
    • Enforce (Foreclose) Mechanic’s Liens
    • Vacate Mechanic’s Liens
    • Partition Actions
    • Shareholders’ Derivative Actions against co-op corporations
    • Injunctions stopping construction on building adjacent to our client’s building
    • Adverse Possession actions

Once you have retained the Law Offices of Paul P. Page, you can expect unbiased answers to your questions about the many types of mortgage or co-op loans offered by lenders. It can be quite reassuring to know that you have retained an attorney who can give you unbiased information which can help you to navigate through the maze of mortgage or co-op loans in order to assist you in determining which type best suits your needs. Whether you are a first time home buyer, an experienced home buyer, or even a sophisticated real estate investor, you will appreciate the dedicated and professional approach that Paul P. Page takes in each real estate transaction.

For most real estate transactions, the client may choose either hourly fees or flat fees.

We believe that we provide excellent value because our professionalism is among the highest, while our fees are “middle of the road.” We cater to those clients who appreciate this high level of legal representation, and understand that all Indiana real estate lawyers are not the same.

We know that many clients are stretching their financial resources when they purchase a home, and that they seek to obtain legal representation at the lowest possible cost. Although we respect that concern, we are unable to match the legal fees charged by high volume real estate law firms who make extensive use of paralegals at all phases of the transaction.

In our experience, many real estate transactions proceed relatively smoothly without major complications. However, since a significant portion of real estate transactions do encounter substantial legal, financial, or logistical problems, it is our philosophy to recognize that each transaction has the potential for developing problems that will require expert legal representation. Of course we cannot eliminate all potential problems. If your real estate purchase or sale does not proceed as smoothly as you would have hoped, we strongly believe that you will be glad that you selected our law firm.

Flexibility and creativity are basic elements of the Firm’s work ethic. Ideas and suggestions which might assist in achieving the client’s goals are freely offered. We foster creative solutions to client problems.

For useful information for purchasers and sellers of co-ops, condos, and houses in Indiana State, click FYI: Real Estate.

To have your case or legal matter reviewed, we invite you to complete our Real Estate Questionnaire, or click Contact Us to send an email. You may also call Paul P. Page to discuss your case or legal matter by telephone, or to schedule a consultation at our office.

There are strict time limitations that apply to Indiana lawsuits, including real estate litigation, and other types of Indiana litigation. The statute of limitations (time limit for commencing litigation) varies depending on the type of case, and in some instances, depending on the defendant being sued. Furthermore, many types of claims and lawsuits also have other time limitations (in addition to the statute of limitations), such as time limitations for filing a Notice of Claim, Notice of Intention to Make Claim, and other important documents.

Visiting our website, submitting any information via questionnaire or email, or discussing your case with us does not create an attorney-client relationship. An attorney-client relationship with our law firm can only be established with the signing of a written retainer agreement prepared by our law firm.

The information in this website involving Indiana Real Estate Law, Indiana real estate contracts, Indiana real estate transactions, purchase or sale of IN residential or commercial property, houses, co-ops or condominiums, IN business law, IN contracts law, and Indiana real estate litigation, IN Joint Venture Agreements, IN Real Estate Construction Contracts, IN Real Estate Renovation Contracts, and other real estate and commercial agreements, IN real estate law, IN real estate contract law, IN commercial law, and Indiana real estate litigation, or other Indiana legal information contained in this website is not intended to constitute legal advice, nor to create an attorney-client relationship or lawyer-client relationship. We recommend that you discuss your IN real estate law, IN real estate contract negotiation, Indiana real estate transaction, IN real estate litigation or other IN real estate legal mater with a IN real estate lawyer or Indiana real estate attorney promptly.

Under Indiana law, in the event there is no recovery in a contingency fee case, the client is responsible for the expenses of the litigation, including court costs and disbursements.

Prior results do not guarantee or predict a similar outcome with respect to any future case or legal matter.

This website is not intended to solicit clients for real estate law, real estate litigation, commercial law, commercial litigation, or any other legal matter outside of Indiana State. However, we do represent clients who live outside of Indiana State, and are engaged in an Indiana State real estate transaction, or who need legal services for Indiana real estate litigation, or other legal matters that involve Indiana law, or a dispute that is or may be litigated in the courts of Indiana State, or disputes that may be arbitrated or mediated in an Indiana State Alternative Dispute Resolution forum.

Law Offices of Paul P. Page is an Indiana real estate, commercial and business contracts and transactions law firm, also representing clients in real estate litigation, commercial litigation and general litigation.

Indiana commercial and residential real estate transactions and real estate litigation lawyer and attorney Indiana representing real estate clients.

Law Offices of Paul P. Page, an Indiana law firm
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